Larry Steinhouse interviews Nicole Purvy and Jabbar Fairweather.

In this episode, Larry Steinhouse interviews Nicole Purvy and Jabbar Fairweather.

Nicole is the founder of the Better Than Success Real Estate League, the largest and fastest growing real estate club in Philadelphia.

BTS provides education, networking, investing opportunities and and valuable resources to leaders and key members of real estate teams in the area.

Her podcast the Better Than Success Podcast, was named #11 of the top 48 podcasts for entrepreneurs by Entrepreneur Magazine and 1 of 5 top podcasts for Entrepreneurs by Kontrol magazine.

Her passion for helping entrepreneurs and businesses grow and succeed is the cornerstone for her businesses. She has also authored the critically acclaimed book “The AntiHustle: Start a Six Figure Business in One Year”.

Jabbar Fairweather is a Real Estate Investor and Wholesaler for over 21 years in the PHILADELPHIA area, a serial entrepreneur that’s been on line since 97 and a Forex and Crypto Trader

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