Larry Steinhouse interviews Ryan Barone and Ed Barone of RentRedi

In this episode, Larry Steinhouse interviews Ryan Barone, Co-founder, CEO, and CTO, and Ed Barone Co-founder at RentRedi. Ryan developed RentRedi’s software for their Progressive Web App for landlords, iPhone App and Android App for tenants, and server-side code. He guides RentRedi’s vision to help landlords to finally self-manage easily if they don’t want to go the property manager rout. Prior to RentRedi, Ryan worked at Goldman Sachs and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and graduated #1 in his majors from Pace University with a double major in economics and mathematics, and a minor in computer science. He lived through the experience as a tenant multiple times and now works like a madman to make renting easy for every landlord and tenant.

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